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The Bernese Office with Tradition (founded in 1884)

Our offices were established in 1884 (Interlaken) and 1900 (Brienz). Both offices were official Bernese notary’s offices, until free notaryships were allowed in the Canton of Berne in 1900. For over 130 years we have been enjoying the trust of our clients and of the administration. We are committed to this tradition.

Office in Interlaken (since 1884)


27-year-old Robert Schneider, notary, establishes the office in Matten (Interlaken).


A new building in Interlaken houses office space and living quarters for Robert Schneider. The office is moved from Matten to its current location on 3 Waldeggstrasse in Interlaken.


Fritz Schneider, notary (and son of Robert) takes up work in his father’s office.


Fritz Schneider dies at age 38 (1887-1925) after having worked for 10 years.


Dr Walter Bettler, lawyer and notary, joins his grandfather Robert Schneider’s office and thus adds advocacy to notaryship.


Robert Schneider (1857-1937; founder of the office in Interlaken) dies after 53 years in office at age 80.


Lawyer and notary Peter Bettler joins his father’s – Dr Walter Bettler- Office.


Lawyer and notary Thomas Hofer joins the office of Dr Walter Bettler (father) and Peter Bettler (son) in 1982 and is made partner in 1985.


Dr Walter Bettler retires after 54 years in office.


Dr Walter Bettler (1908-2000) dies at aged 92.


Thomas Hofer takes on the office as owner. Peter Bettler continues to work part-time.


Peter Bettler retires after 39 years. Thomas Hofer continues alone.

Office in Brienz (since 1900)


Notary Albert Eggler, aged 23, establishes the office in his home town of Brienz. At the same time he is CEO of the Ersparniskasse Brienz, today BBO Bank Brienz Oberhasli, and is also vice-president of the Brienz-Rothorn Bahn.


Albert Eggler builds his new living quarter and office space in the „Gärbi“ in Brienz. The office is on the ground floor to this day, until 1956 the local bank was also housed there.


Albert Eggler (1877-1939) dies at 62 years of age.

His eldest son, lawyer Albert Eggler jun. (1913-1998) manages the “Ersparniskasse Brienz” for a year. The notary’s office is supervised temporarily by Max Häni and Ernst Berta, both notaries.


Richard Eggler, notary, younger son of the founder, takes up his work, which is to last for 46 years.


Adrian Glatthard, lawyer and notary, succeeds Richard Eggler and opens his own office in Brienz.


The Glatthard office is the first Bernese law office to obtain the Certificate of Quality Assurance ISO 9001 in 2001.


Therese Rotzer-Mathyer, born and bred in Brienz, joins the Brienz office part-time. She leaves in 2008 in order to take a degree as a notary.


Richard Eggler dies aged 94.


In cooperation with Frey, Hueber, Ramseier and Partner (Thun) an additional position is created. Markus Caflisch (2009-2012) and Alois Huber (2012-2014) work partly in Thun and partly in Brienz. Both colleagues go on to take their notary’s degree.


One office, two locations (since 2012)


Thomas Hofer asks Adrian Glatthard to take on his office in Interlaken and continues to work part-time.


Thomas Hofer retires after 32 years. Adrian Glatthard takes on the office. The team and locations (Brienz and Interlaken) stay the same. Lawyer Jürg Eberhart takes up work in the office (2014-2020).


Lawyer and notary Melchior Schläppi takes up work in the Office.


Lawyer Stefanie Wider takes up work in the office (2018-2021).


We are proud to be ranked as one of the "Top law firms in Switzerland" by the leading business magazines BILANZ and Le Temps